Bidvest Protea Coin takes gold with its community projects

On 24 March 2017, the National Skills Authority held its National Skills Conference and Awards Ceremony. Nominees for the awards included various SETAs, National and Provincial Government Departments, State Owned Enterprises, Municipalities and Companies. Based on its 2014-2016 performance Bidvest Protea Coin was awarded gold (1st place) in the category “Best Community Project”.

Bidvest Protea Coin is renowned for its active involvement in various community projects, many of which date back to the inception of the company. Many of these projects include projects designed to improve skills development, entrepreneurial development, job creation for the youth and improving general security expertise, to mention but a few.

The award is of significance to Bidvest Protea Coin as it acknowledges the contributions we have made in the communities we serve. It acknowledges our efforts to increase development and reduce the cycle of poverty.

Bidvest Protea Coin CEO, Mr van Niekerk, congratulated the Human Resources as well as Training and Development Divisions, on the achievement and reiterated, "In essence our victories lie with the difference we are able to make in the lives of communities who benefit from our contributions - well done."