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PROTEA COIN GROUP | The Protea Coin Group
21/04/2015 | 06:58
The Protea Coin Group
Company Background

Mvelaserve is a leading provider of security services to the South African market through the PROTEA COIN GROUP after restructuring the security interests of the Group into one entity in July 2007(under the previous Mvelaphanda Group). In line with this restructuring of the Group's security interests, Mr. Petrus van Niekerk, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the PROTEA COIN GROUP.

The previously called Protea Security and Coin Security Group, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Mvelaserve, joined forces in July 2007 to form a group known as THE PROTEA COIN GROUP.

Protea Security- Brief Background/ History

Protea Security was founded during 1982 by Jorge Ferreira. In 1991 the company saw a change in ownership to the then black owned Molope Group and in 1999s Rebserve Holdings acquired the company. As from July 2004 the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mvelaphanda Group.

The growth of the company was achieved through market awareness and a quality statement in the private security industry. Along with growth into various niche markets followed tailored solutions in the form of product and service designs. Services are tailor made for specific markets.

Coin Security Group- Brief Background/ History

Coin Security Group was incorporated in Pretoria in July 1979. At the outset services included only the provision of guards in and around Pretoria. The renowned company training centre, Gijima was established in 1980 to ensure professionally trained guards. Gijima was the first training establishment in South Africa to be accredited by the then SADF for the training of National Key-Point guards.

As a result, contracts were secured on a national basis, with the Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town branches being the first to be established. The acquisition of Tollgate Transport Management Services from Tollgate Holdings added further impetus to this growing giant.

The incorporation of South Africa’s Railway Police into the South African Police and the withdrawal of the police from all stations and railway property provided the opportunity for COIN to pioneer the privatisation of Guard Services to the South African Railways. This precipitated the opening of branches nationwide. The Assets-in-Transit and Armed Reaction Divisions was established in the early 1980’s.

During 2003 the company acquired the cash in transit operations of Secureco as well as JAG, an armed reaction company based in Durban. Both acquisitions have significantly strengthened COIN’s footprint in the various divisions.

In 2004 the Group extended its operations beyond the borders of South Africa, with the opening of an office in Abu Dhabi, currently trading as Al Jaber COIN. The international operations are in an early stage of growth, but with the infrastructure firmly in place, the Group will in future be able to capitalise on opportunities that present themselves. Furthermore, the Group opened an office in Dubai.

In July 2004, Rebserve announced that a merger agreement had been signed between Rebserve and Mvela Holdings, with control of Rebserve passing to Mvela Holdings on Implementation of the merger.

The Protea Coin Group is the leading provider of integrated risk reduction solutions to various industry sectors in South Africa. Since being established, the group transformed from being a provider of manned guarding to now being an industry leader in the provision of integrated risk reduction solutions in the private security industry in South Africa.

The management at the Protea Coin Group recognised the need for continuous innovative business risk reduction solutions over a period of two decades which resulted in entering of new markets with new and specialised services and products. We realised the need for true transformation and have since the 1990's been associated with prominent black economic empowerment groupings. After being initially acquired by black owned Molope Group, The Protea Coin Group is now proud subsidiary of the Mvelaphanda Group, a leading black empowerment grouping in South Africa.

The combined management experience, ongoing research and development and constant drive to analyse and anticipate trends in South Africa, resulted in The Protea Coin Group developing a product and service range that is unique to South African and international protection standards. Based on the principles of an International Standards Organisation, linked to internal standards managed by a Quality Assurance team and committed management is our strive to achieve ongoing quality driven risk reduction solutions through the integrated utilization of various products and services.


Although historically both companies were physical security service proviers, the growth and development of the companies was accelerated by the continuity maintained to meet client needs in relation to industrial and crime trends. Hence the broad range of integrated services are available to ensure a holistic approach to security. The value added services came into existence due to the commitment towards service excellence and market requirements, all of which enhanced the prime service rendering concept, i.e. provision of an integrated risk solution. PROTEA COIN GROUP is today one of the few truly South African service providers that can be viewed as a turn-key solution provider.