Canine & Equestrian Security

Canine & Equestrian Security

Our K9 Unit, uncompromising in its policy of quality-bred dogs and comprehensive training of handlers, provides patrol and detection dogs.

Worldwide statistics confirm the efficacy and cost-efficiency of security dogs in reducing crime. Dogs’ heightened senses of smell and hearing and their deterring presence enable them to reduce the greater threat inevitably posed when guards are armed, without reducing the effectiveness of the guarding. Indeed it is a proven fact that criminal elements avoid targets where a dog team is present and active.

Training equips the dogs to secure clients’ premises against vandalism and unlawful entry and to work effectively in environments where staff or the public are present, such as shopping malls and residential complexes.

The K9 unit is registered with Safety and Security Sector Education Training Authority (SASSETA). The K9 unit operates within the prescribe of Performing Animals Protection Act no 24 of 1935 (annnually reviewed by a committee consisting of representatives from National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (NSPCA), Department of Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and South African Veterinary Council (SAVC).

K9 Unit dogs are widely used as:

  • Patrol Dogs.
  • Human Scent Tracking Dogs.
  • Detection Dogs (such as for narcotics, explosives, weapons, ammunition, rhino horn, abalone and hazardous material). Notably, all explosive detection dogs are currently imprinted on 23 substances. These dogs are utilised at for example National Key Points (including airports).
  • Cargo Screening (air, ground or marine transport vessels and mines).