Fencing Solutions

Fencing Solutions

With 10 years' experience in the fencing industry Bidvest Protea Coin’s aim is to secure assets and property throughout South Africa and beyond our shores. We specialise in any type of fencing solution and are able to supply customised fencing solutions.

Design Criteria

We believe in a layered barrier approach with highly accurate detection and response capability. As such we always want to adhere to the four “D’s” in our designs. We want to Deny access, Delay attempted intrusions, Detect intrusions and Deter intrusions with fast and accurate response capabilities.
Being part of the Bidvest Protea Coin Group, we can offer and cater for virtually any requirement even in remote areas. Given our national footprint the possibility of our company having representation in your area is high, hence ensuring a top-class back-up service. We also offer remote alarm and video monitoring making sure that your assets are protected.

Specialised fencing solutions are provided in the following sectors:\

  • National Parks
  • Mining industry
  • Industrial industry
  • Government institutions
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial & Corporate Premises
  • Game farms
  • Construction sites
  • Estate development

Our Services

  • High security perimeter fencing
  • Security perimeter fencing
  • Game fencing
  • Palisade fencing - steel & concrete
  • Electrified fencing
  • CCTV, access control, perimeter monitoring, radar etc.