Vehicle Tracking, Recovery & Fleet Management


Bidtrack offers next generation vehicle tracking and fleet management technologies to give your family and assets the best protection possible. With over 75 000 units installed and over R60 million in vehicles recovered annually, our recovery rates are amongst the highest in the industry. Our fleet management systems deliver exceptional gains in staff and vehicle productivity and will help reduce your running costs and increase efficiency.

The key to this success is our technology. True satellite coverage and a nationwide network of over 7 000 GSM towers covering over 1million square kilomteres facilitates constant two-way communication between Bidtrack devices and our 24-hour control centre. Further RF technologies enable us to pinpoint vehicles around the clock.

Our dedicated and elite recovery teams with nationwide helicopter support are on 24-hour standby.

Bidtrack is endorsed by all major South African underwriters and our clients regularly receive insurance premium discounts and other benefits such as theft excess waivers.


  • 24-hour national Control Centre
  • Secure client information
  • Recording of telephone calls for security purposes
  • In-house recovery teams
  • Two-way messaging
  • Active Tracking providing vehicle positioning data and other crucial information around the clock
  • Automated health-checks and alerts
  • Probable-Theft-In-Progress Alerts
  • Vehicle Battery Disconnect Alerts
  • National Border Approach Alerts
  • Static Theft Alert
  • Locally manufactured in accordance with ISO9002 criteria
  • Recovery Teams/Helicopter Support
  • Trained staff who are closely screened and polygraph testing on a regular basis
  • Mobile and fixed fitment technicians in all major centres
  • Log Book - Distances Travelled Reports for Income Tax purposes
  • Roadside Assistance option

Single or Multiple Fleet Management

We deliver anywhere anytime GPS monitoring of company vehicles via the Bidtrack website, as well as all the data and functions thus enhancing vehicle productivity by up to 17 percent and containing running costs by as much as 13 percent. This includes:

  • where, when and how your vehicles are being driven
  • driver reports, (such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, over-revving, excessive idling and speeding)
  • Vehicle utilisation (establish pre-set routes/no-go areas and be assured that drivers are adhering to them)
  • Trip optimisation (Work history and current status of ALL fleet vehicles)
  • Weekends/After Hours (Pre-set allowances to counteract ‘moonlighting’)
  • Third party hardware (Monitoring cargo doors, cargo temperature, trailers, fuel-usage, engine performance, etc)
  • Timed events via pre-set dates & odometer triggers
  • Weekends/After Hours – pre-set allowances to counteract ‘moonlighting’
  • Onboard ‘Private Detective’ to uncover negligence and crime