Mining Security Guarding

We firmly believe that the role of security in the mining industry stretches beyond the traditional. In fact, our comprehensive approach to providing security solutions at mining sites have resulted in us being the leader in providing mining security. 

Our comprehensive mining security solution includes providing physical guarding, technical solutions, proactive operations and investigative services. Together these effectively deal with white-collar crime, syndicated activity, product theft, illegal mining, cable theft, armed robberies and access breaches.

In answering to modern times, Bidvest Protea Coin also provides security to critical situations, including during labour unrest. Well-equipped and specially trained members provide for an elite specialised operations unit. The unit renders a crucial, but sensitive service determined to reinforce trust and confidence in security measures.

Integrated mining security solutions include the following:

  • Physical guarding
  • Secure bullion/assets in transit
  • Technical security and access control systems
  • Labour unrest mitigation
  • Investigations and information gathering
  • Overt and covert operations
  • Audits and risk assessments
  • Advisory services
  • Air transport
  • Surveillance
  • Screening
  • Specialised escort and protection services.