Retail Security Guarding

Bidvest Protea Coin takes pride in being a highly recommended security service provider to leading retailers. Our service to retailers includes providing the very same major retailer with security services for over 30 years.

Our physical guarding service is backed-up by effective investigation capacity by dedicated and experienced investigators and 24-hour technical security solutions.

Security staff are ever alert to employee theft of stock, pilferage of product or produce, administrative errors, negligence and damage to stock, pricing errors, collusion at pay-points, theft of cash at pay-points by manipulation of the system, non-recording of wastage, reduced to clear or write-offs, collusion at receiving and incorrect receiving procedures.

We have proven that our ability to secure retail premises effectively have reduced armed robberies inside the store and at cash offices, reduced shoplifting significantly, prevented the theft of high risk products targeted by criminal elements, and reduced the damaging or vandalism of merchandise on display.

Security staff responsible for front-line security, checking, parcels, yard receiving, stock rooms, CCTV operation or floor walking are trained in the unique requirements demanded for effective retail security. This includes-

  • Customer Relations and Reputation Management
  • Search and Seizure
  • Arrest and Detention
  • Risk Management and Mitigation (including Survey, Protect, Deter and Detect procedure)
  • Crime Prevention
  • Access and Exit Control (People and Vehicles)
  • Delivery and Collection of Goods