Special Operations


Bidvest Protea Coin provides security to critical situations, including during labour protests and strikes. Well-equipped and specially trained members in purpose-made vehicles provide for an elite reaction unit. The unit executes a crucial, but sensitive service bent on reinforcing trust and confidence in security measures. The unit is deployed to provide security (including crowd control) during –

  • industrial labour unrests or strikes;
  • festivals and concerts;
  • major sporting events;
  • during the transfer of large amounts of money or valuable assets;
  • illegal mining and organised illegal activities/operations; and
  • covert and overt operations.

Other specialised equipment deployed include night-vision camera equipment attached to our aircraft, less harmful crowd controlling measures such as water cannons, tracing and tracking technology and armoured plated vehicles, as well as video-camera and recording devices fitted to armed reaction vehicles.

A mobile operational centre which is linked to our state-of-the-art 24-hour control centre allows for deployment anywhere in South Africa at major events or incidents.