ClickOn Security Access System


ClickOn Security Access System specialises in the design and implementation of Electronic Visitor and Resident Access control systems to and from closed communities including residential estates, business parks, street closures and campuses.

ClickOn, a wireless access control system, was developed in 2003 by engineering founders Ronald Speek and Cilliers van der Bank to alleviate the frustrations of visitors, residents and contractors queuing to enter residential estates. The access system has the unique electronic functionality of connecting multiple entrances and internal gates in an estate/office complex to a single platform. It has web or cloud-based biometric and vehicle license scanner ability making it the leading, most affordable, reliable and secure access control system in South Africa.

Security Access System Details

The licence scanning system allows for the visitor and vehicle details to be scanned. The system then immediately retrieves from a database a photo of the driver, their vehicle registration, make, model and colour and displays it on the device screen. This ability allows the driver’s vehicle to be compared and verified visually. This information is then logged against the person that granted the access. Communication with the owners and tenants are made possible through bulk SMS and activity reports generated by the access system.

Features and benefits of ClickOn:

  • Affordable and robust access control solution with a selection of flexible options
  • Easy and convenient portal that allows one to access and update information, communicate with residents and generate reports
  • Peace of mind cutting edge access control technology that continues to evolve
  • No Wait Policy – immediate on-site swop of faulty equipment
  • Secure back-up of all data
  • Reliability as the system is designed by a team of engineers for high volume use in harsh environments
  • Robust system that is vandal resistant and built-in on-board intrusion detection system that provides immediate alerts to control teams
  • Quality and durability of systems which is locally manufactured using high quality materials
  • In-house support structure comprising operations, IT /Software development engineers, hardware design engineers, product assembly teams, repair technicians and maintenance/installation teams
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ClickOn’s core products and services include:

Visitor Access Control Systems {“VACS”)

Resident Access Control Systems (“RACS”)

Visitor Access Verification Scanners (“VAVS”)

Reporting and bulk messaging service

The VACS is comprised of a stainless-steel vandal resistant dialling system which is utilised by the guard or visitor to call the resident on their mobile or land line to obtain access to the gated community. Once an audio connection is established the resident may grant or deny access by pressing a number on their phone. The VACS is equipped with a pre-clearance access pin facility activated via SMS. The access pin code is forwarded to the visitor who then utilises the pin to access the property.

The RACS hardware consists of an embedded control system which is able to interface with ClickOn keypads & Proximity Tag readers, ClickOn Radio Remote Control Receivers, ClickOn Relay Modules (used to trigger booms, gates and turnstiles) and Sagem Biometric readers.

The VAVS hardware consists of a hand held Scanning device running an App capable of taking pictures and scanning various barcodes including Driving License, vehicle license disks and RSA ID barcode. Estates use this device to record the identity of the visitor and details of the vehicle. The data is pushed into ClickOn’s cloud servers for reporting services.

All access and egress transactions are recorded and updated to the Cloud in real time. If required visitor arrival and departure notifications are forwarded to the resident. The ClickOn web portal offers comprehensive visitor and resident access reporting tools and includes bulk messaging facilities for fast and effective communication with the residents.


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