event management

The key objective in managing a successful event is safety and security. Securing a large scale event requires tremendous expertise and years of experience.

Precision planning including understanding the layout of the venue, access and egress points, emergency exits, nature of event, demographics of the crowd, expected crowd numbers, parking areas, ticketing etc are some of the critical factors to consider. It is also very important to collaborate successfully with emergency services such as medical services, fire departments and the local SAPS or metro police.

Bidvest Protea Coin have been securing Events for decades. These range from large sporting events to big concerts, but also include Events such as Fashion shows and Launches.

All Event security guards or MIB’s are closely managed and supported by a dedicated on site management team. They remain in constant communication via two way radios and are equipped with batons and pepper spray where required. In certain instances, our K9 unit as well as our fully equipped Mobile control room will be deployed.

Our services extend to providing VIP PROTECTION (close protection) for high profile guests, sports teams or celebrities.

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