off site monitoring

Our off site monitoring offering consists of three types of monitoring, namely continuous real time surveillance , event driven monitoring and proactive ‘dial in’ CCTV operation patrols.

Our state of the Art SAIDSA approved Control centre based in centurion, is operated by highly trained Surveillance Controllers 24 hours of every day. They remotely monitor all our customers security and related systems which include, beams, alarms, electric fencing, sensors, CCTV cameras, and Access control systems which extend to remote exit/entry management and biometric and facial recognition verification.

Once an alarm condition has been positively verified or a threat has been detected, our response procedures are activated to ensure quick and appropriate action is taken and that the correct people and parties are notified immediately depending on the circumstances.

The Bidvest Protea Coin control centre makes use of a physical security information management platform (PSIM) which is able to receives alerts, alarms and information from numerous different systems thus converging multiple events, incidents and intelligence from different systems onto one platform. The system has embedded rules and leaves nothing to chance, so all controllers are automatically guided through the correct processes based on the nature of the incident/alert or task. The software platform has the built in intelligence (AI) to analyse and predict. It is also open and scalable making it easy to accommodate the pace and ever changing requirements demanded from the Technological revolution we find ourselves in.

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