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Bidvest Protea Coin specialise in providing professional and detailed security risk and threat vulnerability assessments which are concluded in a manner that is in line with generally accepted practises of the security profession


A security vulnerability risk assessment and threat evaluation point in time specific “gap analysis” assessments are conducted. The main purpose for the assessment to determine requirements around

  • Access & Egress control;
  • Security manned personnel posts and functions;
  • Technology support and equipment needs;
  • Processes around all of the above
  • Location and environmental implications from a crime perspective;

The objective also includes recommendations to reduce identified vulnerabilities, improve security effectiveness and efficiency enabling management to make a valued judgment regarding the current risk impacts to your business. Thereafter a decision can be made on what measures to implement to eliminate, reduce or mitigate each risk and reduce incidents / losses.


Risk analysis requires careful consideration of both likelihood and consequence.

Impacts derived from the assessment are used to determine the overall risk consequence.

Assessing Vulnerability – For the identification of risks, it is necessary for the following implications to be combined:

  • Threat – It includes determining the likelihood of that Threat occurring. Who or what will potentially cause harm (informed by the threat assessment).
  • Asset – What site, area, person, entity, process, or other assets will be affected (informed by the assessment).
  • Vulnerability – exploitable security weakness or deficiency when measured against prescribed or generally accepted security standards to protect from Threats.
  • Event – criticality of a resource, including the potential adverse business impact of the loss or compromise of a business resource or asset. In what manner or circumstances will the harm be realised (informed by considering threat, asset and vulnerability)
  • Threat Vulnerability Consequence – The scale for these categories used in this assessment is based on a 1-9 scale, as follows:
risk table

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