special ops

Special Ops – The South African market place is characterised by high levels of crime, labour unrest and protest action. Bidvest Protea Coin has an established division to deal with specialised security operations required in the most volatile and high risk areas of our country.

We provide support and offer Special Ops solutions in the most complex situations and environments such as illegal mining, underground operations, industrial action and rioting and protests. This is executed by the use of specialised intelligence networking, forensic investigations and the deployment of armoured people carriers and crew.

All services are executed in a safe, ethical and compliant manner with full observation and understanding of the Voluntary principles of human rights and the basic code of conduct.

State of the art equipment is used including night vision camera’s, non -lethal weapons, water cannons, tracing and tracking technology and video equipped and recording devices fitted within our tactical vehicles/armoured vehicles.

All personnel receive the highest level of training and are well geared to act effectively and responsibly in dangerous and volatile situations.

For more information – Email: info@proteacoin.co.zaTel: 012 665 8000


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